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Latest News

Roof replacement Block A

The Pryors had a busy year in 2015-2016. It was decided by the Board to proceed with the roof replacement. (Recent repairs had not been effective; deterioration and leaks had continued.) Thus, special levies of service charges had to be raised (no reserves or savings are held by the Pryors.)

James Carter, of Northwood & Carter, appointed as Pryors’ Surveyors, prepared the roof specification and drawings. After a successful tender, Rosewood Ltd. was appointed as contractors for the roof replacement. Work started in October 2015 and the new roof was completed in June 2016.

Floor Structure Repairs Block A

Following the structural surveyor’s investigation, it was found that the floor structure of 5 flats on the ground floor of Block A need urgent repairs. Two tunnels were discovered beneath flats, which have now been fully supported. Westwood Ltd. is excavating and rebuilding the floor structure under the front of Block A. Flat 6, which was the Caretaker’s flat, remains unoccupied during these floor works.

The floor structure of Block B was inspected by our surveyor and found to be in a satisfactory condition. (Different architects designed the two blocks).

Fire Safety Measures

Considerable work was undertaken to update fire safety in both blocks and this work has been completed and approved by the London Fire Brigade.